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EU (European Union) is one of the largest trading partner that has long history in various channel and products offering. Among the ASEAN countries, Indonesia ranks 5th in term of trading partner in EU, with 10.3% (US$ 17.1 billion) of total ASEAN exported goods to EU valued at US$ 166.1 billion. Whilst Vietnam rank 1 with US$ 56 billion contribution in total of their GDP. The above data shows significant opportunity for Indonesia to penetrate EU market more seriously.

Indonesia has what it takes to compete globally as all resources are available, and government has encouraged private and government sectors to participate. Moreover, in order to focus, it is crucial for Indonesia to find product champions that will compete in the global market. Therefore all elements, in this case the government and the private sector as a stakeholder, needs to have synergy to create the strategy to promote and map Indonesian world class products in the international market.

As one of the private sectors that see’s this market opportunity and the passion to promote our Indonesian products, we established RIBV (Roemah Indonesia BV) that places the European hub in Amsterdam. Netherland which without doubt has long history with Indonesia and also social-cultural attachment among the society.. This brings added value to choose the hub, which will serve as the main gateway to the European market.

RIBV is created as one stop shopping that showcases Indonesia from A to Z, all about Indonesia. Not limited to export products, but also to serve as the central hub to serve as of information hub sought by potential European business players.

Who Are We?

Brief Overview Roemah
Indonesia BV ( RIBV )

  • A private limited business established in the Netherlands that abides by the Dutch Law.
  • It’s a permanent local place for export of Indonesian champion products and services such as Craft, Fashion, Food, etc. MICE to promote their business and gaining access to global market.
  • Create B2C and B2B opportunities for businesses owners from all over the EU business community.
  • To position RIBV as part of MICE that will serve as the center of Indonesia information to and from Indonesia stakeholders.
  • Promote Indonesia to increase potential export goods and services to the counterparties in European Union Community.



To create, connect, and deliver market innovation of 4 pillars of Indonesian economy namely Global Trades, Tourism, Attracting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), and Country branding to global market.



To serve as the Indonesian information hub to global market that is universally accessible to enter Indonesian product and services in international market.


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Roemah Indonesia Founders

Suryo Tutuko

Founder and President Director

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Tantrie Soetjipto

Founder and Director

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Rina R. Maksum

Founder and Director

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Dindin Mediana

Founder and Director

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