Roemah Indonesia B.V. (RIBV) is located in the European hub in Amsterdam, Netherland which without a doubt has a long history with Indonesia and also social-cultural attachment among the society.

RIBV is created as one stop shopping that showcase Indonesia from A to Z, all about Indonesian, but not limited to export products, but also to serve as the central hub of information for European players.

Located in Prime Area A1, Amsterdam

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Work with us and get all the benefits we offer.

Permanent Display

Your products will be displayed in our permanent storefront.

Product Branding & Marketing

Our marketing team will sell your products within a short time.

Access to Daily Transaction

Retail transactions will occur everyday.

Market Research

We provide market research on consumer choices, habits, and responses, for members with minimum of 6 months.


You will open the chance to gain consumers in the industry sectors (B2B).


Partners are not required to be present to maintain storefront, because dedicated sales team will be available to assist.

Consulting Services

Consultation is available which will benefit your business.

“Indonesia, the Archipelago. Diversity in One.”