Dindin Mediana

Founder and Director

Dindin has 30 years experience in financial and nonfinancial services industries that shape her skills and competency to where she is. Her credentials include working in various financial MNC in Singapore and Indonesia namely Citibank, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Barclays to serve the HNW and UHNW segment individuals and entities as advisor to provide financially feasible solution in family and its corporate related business.

Her passion not just limited to the interacting with multi commercial industry but also, she is heavily involved in sustainability coffee farming that promotes Indonesia as organic coffee producer. Her vision to tell the audience is to ensure the coffee forest farming is about life experience to produce good quality organic coffee not only limited to the product, but also bringing the lifestyle and strong awareness in conservation. The whole cycle of process is to involve the mission of promoting farmers’ welfare, conserves the tropical forest and its biodiversity to produce the quality organic coffees in existing forest in Indonesia. This in line with what end user expected which mainly dominated by millennial segment worldwide.

For the past decades, with her long involvement in culinary space, she established with her partner to create segment of coffee market for domestic and international that is commercially viable under PT GFP Indonesia. This help her to institutionalize her mission, at the same time involving in green label products that Indonesia will promote internationally.

Together with the other founders, they establish Roemah Indonesia B.V. to extend the purpose of her dream to be involved in promoting Indonesia in international market, especially in EU.

Some of her credentials are:

Delivering the concept of coffee conservation to the market together with pioneer of organic producers Javara Brand and bringing the concept in line with market expectation of more sustainable label production.

Delivering the new concept of organic restaurant together with Javara Group with motto: eat, learn, and shops concept in Semarang, Kota Lama.

Our Team

Great Team in Roemah Indonesia

Suryo Tutuko

Founder and President Director

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Tantrie Soetjipto

Founder and Director

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Rina R. Maksum

Founder and Director

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