Our Story


EU (European Union) is one of the largest trading partner that has long history in various channel and products offering. Among the ASEAN countries, Indonesia ranks 5th in term of trading partner in EU, with 10.3% (US$ 17.1 billion) of total ASEAN exported goods to EU valued at US$ 166.1 billion. Whilst Vietnam rank 1 with US$ 56 billion contribution in total of their GDP. The above data shows significant opportunity for Indonesia to penetrate EU market more seriously.

Indonesia has what it takes to compete globally as all resources are available, and government has encouraged private and government sectors to participate. Moreover, in order to focus, it is crucial for Indonesia to find product champions that will compete in the global market. Therefore all elements, in this case the government and the private sector as a stakeholder, needs to have synergy to create the strategy to promote and map Indonesian world class products in the international market.

As one of the private sectors that see’s this market opportunity and the passion to promote our Indonesian products, we established RIBV (Roemah Indonesia BV) that places the European hub in Amsterdam. Netherland which without doubt has long history with Indonesia and also social-cultural attachment among the society.. This brings added value to choose the hub, which will serve as the main gateway to the European market.

RIBV is created as one stop shopping that showcases Indonesia from A to Z, all about Indonesia. Not limited to export products, but also to serve as the central hub to serve as of information hub sought by potential European business players.

Roemah Indonesia BV (RIBV) Brief Overview

  • A private limited business established in the Netherlands that abides by the Dutch Law.
  • It’s a permanent local place for export of Indonesian champion products and services such as Craft, Fashion, Food, etc. MICE to promote their business and gaining access to global market.
  • Create B2C and B2B opportunities for businesses owners from all over the EU business community.
  • To position RIBV as part of MICE that will serve as the center of Indonesia information to and from Indonesia stakeholders.
  • Promote Indonesia to increase potential export goods and services to the counterparties in European Union Community.

Vision & Mission


To create, connect, and deliver  market innovation of 4 pillars of Indonesian economy namely Global Trades, Tourism, Attracting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), and Country branding to global market.


To serve as the Indonesian  information hub to global market that is universally accessible to enter Indonesian product and services in international market.


Suryo Tutuko

Suryo Tutuko - Roemah Indonesia

Tuko possess versatile background in various industries. He started his tenure in banking industries back in 1999. He started his career in Indover Bank for 18 years in various divisions that earned his significant contribution of his career. He later climbed his corporate life in several financial industries in FI division before switching his career to real sector that relates to export and import business from Netherlands where he has been living for the past 25 years.

With his vast networking he built, he is able to capitalize business opportunity and act as the suppliers to medical equipment from Netherlands to Indonesian. He then expanding his business to become the import representatives of Indonesian products to Netherlands.

As the business grows, he leveraged his business contact by forming InterAromat BV that serves as the hub of importing and selling Indonesian products to cities in Netherlands, also serving the other selected European market.

Tutuko joined RIBV in 2020 and is very instrumental in RIBV where he as founder become a point of contact of G to G, B2B relation. He granulates together with other founders to make RIBV role as a permanent house for one stop shopping for Indonesia product champions. Tuko is the CEO of the newly set up RIBV. His role is to spearhead of business plan that include budgeting strategy as well the interconnecting to the end user in Europe.

Dindin Mediana

Dindin Mediana - Roemah Indonesia

Dindin has 30 years experience in financial and nonfinancial services industries that shape her skills and competency to where she is. Her credentials include working in various financial MNC in Singapore and Indonesia namely Citibank, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Barclays to serve the HNW and UHNW segment individuals and entities as advisor to provide financially feasible solution in family and its corporate related business.

Her passion not just limited to the interacting with multi commercial industry but also, she is heavily involved in sustainability coffee farming that promotes Indonesia as organic coffee producer. Her vision to tell the audience is to ensure the coffee forest farming is about life experience to produce good quality organic coffee not only limited to the product, but also bringing the lifestyle and strong awareness in conservation. The whole cycle of process is to involve the mission of promoting farmers’ welfare, conserves the tropical forest and its biodiversity to produce the quality organic coffees in existing forest in Indonesia. This in line with what end user expected which mainly dominated by millennial segment worldwide.

For the past decades, with her long involvement in culinary space, she established with her partner to create segment of coffee market for domestic and international that is commercially viable under PT GFP Indonesia. This help her to institutionalize her mission, at the same time involving in green label products that Indonesia will promote internationally.

Together with the other founders, they establish Roemah Indonesia B.V. to extend the purpose of her dream to be involved in promoting Indonesia in international market, especially in EU.

Some of her credentials are:

Delivering the concept of coffee conservation to the market together with pioneer of organic producers Javara Brand and bringing the concept in line with market expectation of more sustainable label production.

Delivering the new concept of organic restaurant together with Javara Group with motto: eat, learn, and shops concept in Semarang, Kota Lama.

Rina R. Maksum

Rina R. Maksum - Roemah Indonesia

Currently serves as Commissioner of several companies under PT Dyandra Media International (listed in IDX), the parent company of the flagship’s PT Dyandra Promosindo and PT Nusa Dua Indonesia. She started her career as an enterpreneur in 1994 by serving as CEO of PT Dyandra Promosindo, managing the exhibition in various industries, namely automotive, financial sectors, travel and lifestyle, consumer base products, etc. Since then, the company has grown to become the leading Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition (MICE) related business in Indonesia with 4 pillars focus in exhibition (EO), hotel, convention center, and exhibition related contractor.

Some of her credentials are:

Indonesia Pavilion World Expo, Asian Games, Paralympic Games 2018, APEC Bali Event 2013, IMF World Bank Event Bali 2018, IIMS Event since 2005, IFEX since 2007, etc.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in MICE industry, she continues to involve in the company and serves as Commissioner and member of Board of Directors in several Dyandra Group and its Subsidiaries. Her last executives position was the President Director (CEO) of group holding company PT DMI from 2016 – 2019. Her role was to oversee overall activities the operating companies under the group.

Mrs. Rina R. Maksum graduated in Architecture from Tarumanegara University, Jakarta (1991). She also advanced her master degree and holds a MBA Degree in Marketing from Prasetya Mulya Business School, Jakarta (1993).

Tantrie Soetjipto

Tantrie Soetjipto - Roemah Indonesia

Tantrie has more than 30 years of multiple experience in financial and nonfinancial industries that benefit her ability to be one of the leader in her space. Currently she is serving by appointment as Commissioner in Panin Dubai Syariah Bank.

Her passion in developing awareness of inclusion gender equality for the past 6 years bringing her to get involved in WPC (WomenPreneurCommunity) as Co-founder. Her role is to educate, nurture and directly involves women empowerment in business community all over Indonesia. To date, it has over 15,000 SMEs that is led by women who are homemaker and entrepreneur. This empowerment concept has been widely promoted by government and private sectors but only few succeed to deliver the networking and channeling among the women to synergize creating business opportunity both Domestic and global market.

Along with her passion in sustainable living concept and her past work, she also joined the parent company of well known Javara Organic brand, PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia as partner. Her role is to formulate the marketing strategy of Javara Organic to penetrate domestic and international market to be more focused and efficiently managed.

With her tenure in various industry she becomes point of reference to connect the dot between financial and nonfinancial hub. This is crucial to both side to understand the business model that is viable to the industry.

Some of her credentials are:

As a speaker in various domestic and international seminars:

SheTrades Global/International Trade Center – Liverpool, UK (June 2018) – The Role of Women in the SME Business;

UNHCR General Assembly, Geneva, 2018 – Human Right in International Supply Chain;

UNFCC-CO 26, Madrid 2019 – Business Incubation on Building Climate Resilience in Communities;Mentor of women in SME space that is crucial in developing concept of business to community that mainly house maker and has the strong potential to create business opportunity.